Los Hermanos Is A Collective Of International Musicians,Producers,Dj’s and Artist Detroit techno released from the depths of this mysterious collective, 1999’s Knights of the Jaguar ep was the collaboration between Gerald Mitchell, Dj Rolando and Mad Mike Banks.

Upon the success of this EP and developing an emerging new aesthetic, Gerald Mitchell and Dj Rolando decided to form a new division under the name Los Hermanos Rolando left soon afterwards but Los Hermanos recruited Dj Dex and Dj S2 to reform the group.

In 2005 they released their debut album, On Another Level, after which they set off across the globe to perform their thrilling and effective live sets. together Gerald Mitchell Santiago Salazar (aka Dj S2) Esteban Adame and Dan Caballero (aka Dj Dex) form a diverse group of complex personalities that perform live mixing together turntables, percussion, synthesizers and other machines creating a music that combines classic techniques with electronic innovations and even touches of salsa, and intense performance and a mythic group.

As Dj Dex , Dj S2 returned to L.A. with Esteban to form their own group Ican , Gerald Mitchell continues to lead Los Hermanos as a producer, band leader, dj, and sonic visionary whose music has made a huge impact on Detroit House and Techno globally.

Los Hermanos continues to create music under the direction of Gerald Mitchell the new album Descendants of the Resistance is a collaboration of Detroit musicians, artists dj’s and producers that still makes stunning electronic dance music for the global community.